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Google Maps API (No Longer Free)

  • Google Maps APIs are being consolidated into three segments – Maps, Routes, and Places. For now, existing code will remain functional.
  • Standard and Premium accounts are being merged into one pay-as-you-go pricing plan. 
  • Beginning June 11, keyless (Free) access calls to the Maps JavaScript API and Street View API will return low-resolution maps watermarked with “for development purposes only.”
  • Applicable to ALL users -- Google Map APIs requires all users to create a paid account.  Even those who have a simple map embedded on their website’s contact page.
  • For those who use Dynamic Maps the first $200 of monthly usage is free and will take care of 28,000 free page loads per month.
  • On a positive note, customer support is now free.
  • Google is protecting Android app developers from these changes by not charging for Mobile Native Static Maps and Mobile Native Dynamic Maps.

Google Maps API Alternatives:

  • TomTom
  • Mapbox
  • HERE
  • MapFit
  • Leaflet
  • OpenLayers
  • LocationIQ
  • AND
  • Sygic Maps
  • Jawgmaps


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